Unlocking 9-Figure Business Success

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This program is designed to empower business owners with practical insights and proven strategies for substantial growth and enduring success.

Introduction to the Acceleration Program

  • Learn from Successful Entrepreneurs That Have Been in Your Shoes:

    Gain insights from entrepreneurs who have achieved multiple 9-figure exits, all while having a balanced life of success outside of work. 

  • Entrepreneurial Network:

    Join a world-wide community of entrepreneurs where you will get to know industry experts from all walks of life.

  • Interactive Learning:

    Engage in real-time business analytics and development. Watch and participate in weekly hot-seat discussions.

  • In-Person Consulting:

    Once a month a random member of the community will be flown out to Founder’s HQ to spend a half day with our 9-Figure Team

    (a $75k value!!!)

  • Weekly Challenges:

    Be held accountable to becoming the best version of yourself through physical, economic, social and spiritual challenges. 


"I signed up the moment I found out about The Founder Acceleration community ...about 45 minutes after the official announcement. I have been following Chris Lee for several years and am a  huge fan of his podcast as well. Only two weeks into this mentorship group and the content has been incredible."

If you run a business, large or small.....


~ Marshall Manley

The Importance of Not Missing Out

"Consider the impact of missing a single piece of advice that could double your business revenue, or drastically improve your relationships… This could be your weekly experience."

The Journey to Success

Managing a business is truly challenging, right?

It's like you are continually navigating through a maze of fixing issues, expanding profits, developing your team, and attracting customers, all while striving to reach the full potential you envision for the company and maintain a balanced life outside of work. Don’t worry, we’ve been there. The tricky part is often not just running the day-to-day but realizing the full potential of your venture. It's a common struggle.

But how do you move past those barriers?

That's where learned wisdom comes into play. At Founder Acceleration, we've distilled years of trials and setbacks into actionable insights. Our aim is to help you leapfrog over those common hurdles.

Sounds ideal, but is it really that straightforward?

More than you'd think. You know, sometimes it's the small decisions that can really change the game. What seems minor can pivot your whole trajectory. Especially when you apply it consistently and you’re part of a group that holds you accountable..

That makes sense. But theory is one thing; real-life application is another.

And that's why our approach is different.

We offer advice that's not just theoretical, but born from genuine entrepreneurial experiences. We have lost millions, and made hundreds of millions… we have ran the path, not just created it. It's about practical steps that have been proven in the real world, not just in theory. 

This includes:

  • Culture Development:

There are only two things that employees are willing to bleed for, and culture is one of them. Learn how to develop a culture that is second to none and 

  • Simple Solutions to Common Challenges in Business:

Identifying the difficulties in running a business and the common failures to help realize full potential.

  • Learned Wisdom:

Our methods stem from years of trials and learning from setbacks, aiming to help you bypass these stages.

  • Decision Impact:

Understand how small decisions can significantly alter your business's trajectory.

  • Expertise Beyond Theory:

Benefit from practical, actionable advice born from real entrepreneurial experience.

  • Marketing Expertise:

We have ran ad campaigns of $15,000,000+ a year that helped generate $233M in revenue… we have tons to offer here. 

  • Adapting to Market Changes:

We help you recognize  the challenge of staying in font of ever-evolving market trends and consumer behaviors, crucial for maintaining relevance and competitiveness.

  • Financial Essentials

Grasp the intricacies of cash flow management, break-even analysis, budgeting, and financial planning, which are vital for sustaining operations and fueling growth.

  • Team Building and Leadership:

Emphasize the importance of assembling a strong team and leading effectively, as employee engagement and leadership directly impact organizational success.

  • Customer Acquisition and Retention:

Address the hurdles in not only attracting but also retaining customers, acknowledging that customer loyalty is a cornerstone of long-term business viability.

  • Innovation and Scaling:

 Highlight the challenges associated with innovating consistently and scaling the business, essential for long-term survival and expansion in a competitive landscape.

What is Founder Acceleration?

"Have you heard a lot about this 'Community of Experienced Entrepreneurs'. What's it all about?

"It's a collaborative group where we all focus on enhancing each other's businesses, relationships, fitness, spirituality, and overall lives. The idea is to leverage our collective experiences for mutual growth."

“But how does it differ from other business networks?"

"The key difference lies in our people-focused approach. We believe in nurturing individuals, not just their businesses. It's about developing the entrepreneur as much as the enterprise.

"But with all the focus on business, how do you manage personal life?

That's where our holistic focus comes in. We emphasize balancing business success with personal life fulfillment. It's not just about financial success; it's about overall well-being.

Sounds like a well-rounded approach. But in such a competitive market, how do you keep ahead?

We encourage thinking beyond conventional norms. It's all about fostering unconventional ideas for extraordinary results. We believe that out-of-the-box thinking is what truly drives breakthroughs in business and life.

We are:

  • Community of Experienced Entrepreneurs:

    A collaborative group focused on mutual business enhancement.

  • People-Focused Approach:

    A belief in developing individuals as the key to building successful businesses.

  • Holistic Focus:

    Balancing business success with personal life fulfillment.

  • Thinking Beyond Conventions:

    Encouraging unconventional thinking for extraordinary results.

  • Diverse Industry Insights:

    Offering a rich tapestry of perspectives from various industries, enhancing the depth and breadth of strategies and solutions available to members.

  • Continuous Learning Environment:

    Promoting a culture of ongoing education and skill development, ensuring members stay ahead of the latest trends and best practices.

  • Networking and Collaboration Opportunities:

    Facilitating connections between members for collaborative projects, mentorship, and strategic partnerships, fostering a supportive business ecosystem.

  • Resource Sharing and Support:

    Providing access to a range of resources, from tools and technologies to expert advice, aimed at supporting members' business growth and efficiency.

  • Success and Accountability Framework

    Implementing structures for tracking progress and holding members accountable, ensuring consistent movement towards individual and collective goals.

Leadership Team:

Chris Lee

Chris is a nationally recognized and well-respected entrepreneur with a proven track record – recipient of numerous entrepreneurial and business awards

Prior solar experience at LGCY Power, where he was VP of Human Capital

Daryl Kelly

Visionary leader with 18+ years; excels in market expansion and talent mentoring. Growth-driven entrepreneur; established scalable business models and fostered innovative solutions.

Empathetic, results-focused leader; values personal development and collaborative culture.

Matthew Preece

Matt was born in raised in Utah. While attending Utah State University, an itch for entrepreneurship was brewed. Involving himself in several entrepreneurial adventures, he found himself having quite the success.

With Matt’s ability to persist until a problem is solved and his creativity to present new solutions, he found himself with a new place to satisfy his entrepreneurial craving.

Hayden Crane

Hayden is an Operations ninja with experience growing teams to fulfill $250M+ in Revenue. He has the ability to analyze a problem and formulate a lasting process that can fix that problem.

With his extensive Sales background he has the ability to see things from a sales and fulfillment side.

Joining Founder Acceleration:

Transform Your Life

Have you been thinking a lot about growth lately, but it's hard to know where to start. How do you approach it?"

"It all begins with taking bold actions. You can't expect extraordinary outcomes by doing the ordinary. It's about adopting an unconventional mindset."

"That sounds exciting, but also a bit daunting. How does that translate into real business growth?"

“It's about aiming for rapid income growth, not just incremental increases. But it's not just about the money. It's about fostering personal development in all aspects of life.

"It's a holistic approach. How does that affect your personal life?"

It's about cultivating freedom and wealth, not just financially, but also in terms of time and lifestyle. And, of course, using that success to make a positive impact on the community.

"Sounds like a lot of responsibility?

"It's all about your team! You have to develop both your employees and your customers. Surround yourself with forward-thinking individuals who challenge you and embrace new habits and challenges."

"Sounds like a complete life overhaul. Is it really practical?

"You apply universal principles that improve your life overall. It's about cultivating a dominating mindset, being the leader you aspire to be.

"And how does that feed back into your business?

"You lay a scalable foundation for your business. It's not just about growing; it's about growing smartly and sustainably. And most importantly, creating your life by design not by default!

This means:

  • Learn to take bold actions.

  • Adopt an unconventional mindset for extraordinary outcomes.

  • Achieve rapid income growth.

  • Foster personal development in all life aspects.

  • Cultivate freedom and wealth.

  • Positively impact your community.

  • Develop your team, including employees and customers.

  • Surround yourself with forward-thinking individuals.

  • Embrace new habits and challenges.

  • Apply universal principles for overall life improvement.

  • Cultivate a dominating mindset.

  • Become the leader you aspire to be.

  • Lay a scalable foundation for your business.

  • Design your life proactively.

Our Commitment to You

Are you interested in the program, but concerned about the value you’ll get from it. How can you assure me it's worth it?"

"We guarantee valuable insights in every call. Our team is committed to providing actionable advice and strategies that are directly applicable to your business."

"This sounds promising, but what if you are not the right fit for the program?"

"We understand that every business has unique needs. That's why we offer a flexible subscription model. You can cancel at any time if you feel the program isn't aligning with your specific requirements.

"However, if you are also worried about the commitment. What if you can't dedicate enough time?"

"Success in our program does require your time and a readiness to learn. We believe in the value of active participation and engagement for the best outcomes. It's about making a commitment to your own growth and development.

"And how do we determine who is right for this program?"

"Our service is selective. We focus on clients who we believe will truly benefit from our expertise. It's about a mutual fit where we can effectively contribute to your business's growth and success. We want to ensure that our resources are utilized where they can make the most impact."

We offer:

  • Guaranteed Value: We promise valuable insights in every interaction for those ready to learn. 

  • High level of commitment: Success requires your time and readiness to learn.

  • Flexible Subscription: Cancel anytime if the program doesn't align with your needs.

  • Selective Service: Focusing on clients who will truly benefit from our expertise.

Investing in Learning and Opportunities

Over the past few years, I have invested millions in education, relentlessly pursuing knowledge and skills to enhance my business acumen. 

However, amidst this journey of learning, I've come to realize that the most costly aspect of my education hasn't been the financial investments in courses or seminars; rather, it's been the missed opportunities in my business

Each overlooked chance and unseized moment has been a lesson in itself, teaching me that sometimes the most valuable education comes not from structured learning but from the experiences and potential gains that I've passed by. 

This understanding has reshaped my approach to business, emphasizing the importance of being alert and responsive to opportunities as they arise, integrating both formal education and experiential learning to truly maximize my business's potential.

This comprehensive package offers a unique blend of learning, networking, real-time problem-solving, and personal development, all designed to significantly enhance both your entrepreneurial skills and personal growth.

Here's the truth, Chris Lee has been a mentor to me, close and far for close to 17 years, I've gotten to know him and his journey through many of his companies, and I could not help but follow him and cheer him on even more as his success grew and grew.

His ability to teach and give back is incredible His discipline is unmatched, no fried foods, white flour, and sugar for an entire year..

Such an inspiration..

The founders accelerator is providing a platform that gives so much support to founder's from start up to advanced companies...

Couldn't be more thankful to see someone like Chris grow and be successful, and witness a couple of the things along the way...

Along the way, Chris became my drive to keep pushing through everything.. Can't help but love the guy...

-Hung Nguyen

Chris Lee's program stands out among the four mastermind groups I'm engaged in—it's exceptionally valuable.

Despite my inconsistent participation in his challenges, it's shown me the importance of commitment across all aspects of life.

I highly recommend being a part of his challenges with the community because it really kick-starts you to get to the next level.

As a business owner, I've learned from Chris that my initial customers are my employees. Acknowledging my shortcomings as a leader, this program has sparked a profound inspiration within me to elevate my role and become the best version of myself."

-Jason Lee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Founder Acceleration Program

What is the Founder Acceleration Program?

The Founder Acceleration Program is a comprehensive platform designed for ambitious entrepreneurs and individuals seeking excellence in their businesses and personal lives. It offers mentorship, networking, interactive learning, and a variety of resources to foster growth and success.

Who is this program best suited for?

This program is ideal for entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals who are committed to achieving significant growth in their businesses while maintaining a balanced personal life. It's particularly beneficial for those looking to scale their business and learn from successful entrepreneurs.

What kind of mentorship can I expect?

Participants receive mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs, including Chris and his 9-Figure Team. These mentors have successfully navigated the business world and offer real-time advice and strategies.

Are there any networking opportunities?

Yes, the program offers global networking opportunities with a community of ambitious entrepreneurs. This includes interaction with guest speakers who have exited 9, 10, and even 11-figure businesses.

How are the live sessions conducted?

The program includes weekly calls three times a month where complex business and personal issues are solved live. Additionally, there are live Q&A sessions for real-time interaction.

What unique opportunities does the program offer?

A unique feature is the monthly live business analysis, where a community member is flown out to spend a day with the 9-Figure Team for a hands-on business review. This experience is valued at $75,000.

What type of learning materials are available?

Members have access to a vast library of resources, case studies, research materials, and an exclusive members-only podcast with content from the mastermind.

Is there a focus on personal development?

Yes, the program emphasizes a holistic approach, including weekly challenges that focus on physical, economic, social, and spiritual development.

Can I learn about financial management and marketing?

The program covers comprehensive aspects like financial management training, advanced marketing strategies, and adapting to market trends.

How does the program help with customer acquisition and retention?

Strategies and techniques for improving customer acquisition and retention are a key part of the curriculum, acknowledging the importance of long-term customer relationships.

What is the program's approach to innovation and scaling?

There are workshops and sessions focused on innovating and scaling businesses effectively, crucial for long-term success.

 Is there any flexibility in the subscription?

Yes, the program offers a flexible subscription model, allowing members to cancel at any time if the program doesn't align with their needs.

How does the program ensure it's a good fit for me?

The service is selective, focusing on clients who will benefit most from the expertise offered. It aims to ensure a mutual fit for effective growth and success.

What commitment is required from participants?

Participants are expected to commit their time and be ready to actively engage and learn. The program values the importance of participation for optimal outcomes.

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